Allies List

UNM Dream Campus Allies – Statement of Support

We—the faculty, staff, administrators, and graduate students of the UNM community—continue our push to support undocumented students and families in light of increasing threats by the current presidential administration, including mass deportations, detentions, and heightened border militarization.  We want undocumented members of our community to know that we stand with them. We are publishing this statement and list of names to show solidarity with those who are feeling vulnerable. We want to be vocal and visible in our support. We pledge to continue our efforts to create a campus climate that supports immigrant, LGBTQ+, alter-abled, and students of color.

* received Dream Zone Training

Fiorella Vera Adrianzén, Political Science
Paulita Aguilar, Libraries and Learning Sciences
Christine Anderson, Honors College
Sylvia Andrew, Health and Human Services
Christina Anthony, School of Medicine *
Marty Apodaca, Career Sevices
Valorie Aquino, Anthropology
Leslie Armell, College Enrichment & Outreach Programs *
Amanda Armstrong, Institute for Social Research
Florenica Asbury, El Centro de la Raza *
Alin Badillo-Carillo, Latin American and Iberian Studies
Karla Baldonado, Arts and Sciences, Gallup Branch
Durwood Ball, History
Subhankar Banerjee, Art, Art History
Ellen Babcock, Art, Art History
Elizabeth Barnett, English
Laura Bassien, School of Law
Natalie Becenti, Center for Student Success, College of Education *
Daniel Begay, American Indian Student Services *
Precilla Begay, Financial Aid Office *
Marie Bellec, Foreign Languages and Literature
Laura Belmonte, Chicana/o Studies
Justin Bendell, English
Gina Biazar, School of Medicine *
Julia Bilek, Anthropology
Steve Bishop, Foreign Languages and Literature
Dawn A. Blue Sky-Hill, Student Support Services-TRIO/CEOP Dept *
Evelyn Bonilla, ENLACE *
Alana Book, American Studies
Andrea Phiana Borunda, English
Amy Brandzel, American Studies, Women Studies
Cedar Brant, English
Holly Brause, Anthropology
Katie Brewer, Anthropology
Anita Bringas, Institutional Research – Taos Branch
Roberta Brown, El Centro de la Raza *
Cheryl Bryan, Psychology
Kaitlin Bryson, Art
Kirsten Buick, Art
Diego Busta, Spanish and Portuguese
Armando Bustamante, El Centro de la Raza *
Sage Byrne, A&S Advisement
Pablo Cabrera, El Centro de la Raza
Kenneth Carpenter, Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies *
Alin Yuriko Badillo Carrillo, Latin American and Iberian Studies
Hope Casareno, Anthropology
Marisa Castañeda, Office of Graduate Studies
Florence (Emily) Castillo, Sociology
Elsa Castillo, Engineering Student Services *
Angela Catena, Dean of Students *
Roas Isela Cervantes, Ethnic Student Services *
Lisa Chavez, English
Colleen Chavez, Community and Regional Planning
Cindy Chavez, Project ECHO
Pamela Cheek, Foreign Languages and Literature
Crystle Collier, Anderson School of Management
Stacy Collier, College Prep *
Susan Collins, Career Sevices *
Autumn Collins, Career Services
Anne Compton, CAPS
Jennifer Conn, Mechanical Engineering *
Emma Cook, Anthropology
David Correia, American Studies
Patrica Cortez, El Centro de la Raza *
Jesus Costatino, English
Peter Couse, School of Medicine *
Marjorie Crow, Art
Lea Ann Curry, A&S Advisement *
Sierra Cushing, School of Medicine
Bethany Davila, English
Trisha Davis, Student Health & Counseling
Davette De La O-Sandoval, School of Medicine
Laura deCardenas, School of Medicine *
Jaelyn de’Maria, Communication and Journalism
Nick DePascal, English
Pamina Deutsch, UNM Policy Office
Leonel Diaz, CASAA *
Sarah Dominguez, Chemical & Biological Engineering *
Leslie Donovan, Honors College
Rhiannon Doyle, Accessiblity Resource Center
Cristyn Elder, English *
Beth Elkin, Sociology *
Mark Emmons, Libraries and Learning Sciences *
Bart Exposito, Art
Dayra Fallad-Mendoza, CAPS *
Kyle Farris, McNair and Research Opportunity Program *
Suzan Finke, Office of Equal Opportunity
Kalyn Finnell, Community and Regional Planning
Jamie Fowler-Diaz, Admissions
Stephanie Fox, Anthropology
Joe Gallegos, American Studies
Michelle Gallegos, BA/MD Program *
Ruth Trinidad Galván, Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies
Gustavo Garcia, American Studies
Alicia Garcia, School of Medicine
Christal Garcia, Taos Branch *
Leslie Gennett Gast, Financial Aid Office *
Kimberly Gauderman, History
Lore Giese, Communications and Journalism
Nichelle Gilber, BA/MD Program *
Patricia Gillikin, English, Writing Center *
Judy Goering, Employee Organizational Development
Alyosha Goldstein, American Studties
Laura Golobish, Art, Art History
Myrriah Gomez, Honors College
Brenna Gomez, English
Phillip (Felipe) Gonzales, Sociology
Margaret Gonzales, Graduate Studies
Axel Gonzalez, American Studies
Jessica Goodkind, Sociology
Joan Green, Accessibility Resource Center *
Ryan Gregg, Provost Office *
Breanna Griego-Schmitt, English
Ellen Grigbsy, Political Science
Lorraine Griner, School of Medicine
Simone-Felice Guambana, A&S Advisement *
Noemi Gutierrez, El Centro de la Raza *
Julian Gutierrez, Anderson School of Management *
Mayra Gutierrez-Ramirez, Taos Branch *
Tara Hackel, STEM Collaborative Center *
Amanda Hamp, Theater and Dance
Laura Haniford, Education
Rebecca Hartley, School of Medicine
Jeanette Hart-Mann, Art
Frances Hayashida, Anthropology
Rachael Hayden, Financial Aid Office *
Aeron Haynie, English *
Michael Heim, Spanish and Portuguese *
Charla Henley, Global Education
Bernadine Hernández, English
Ray Hernández-Durán, Art
Keith Hitz, Career Sevices *
Szu-Han Ho, Art *
Jeff Hoffman, Communication and Journalism
Rosa Holguin, A&S Advisement *
Kathleen Holscher, American Studies, Religious Studies
Steven Hurley, Art Museum
Elizabeth Hutchison, History
Claudia B Isaac, Community and Regional Planning
Laura Jijon, Adult Education
Beth Kaimowitz, School of Law
Evan Kay, Office of Contract Archaeology
Deborah Kieltyka, Admissions *
Karen Kinsman, School of Medicine *
Cherie Knight, Human Resources
Steve Kostelecky, History
Joane Kuestner, Museum of Southwestern Biology
Laurel Lampela, Art
Cameron Langner, A&S Advisement *
Sandra Lara, History
Chris Larranaga, Organization, Information and Learning Sciences *
Dominika Laster, Theater and Dance *
Jenniffer Laws, School of Law
Lisa Leahigh, Student Health & Counseling
Erin Lebacqz, English
Guida (Margaret) Leicester, Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies
Anni Leming, Foreign Languages and Literature
Amy Levi, Health Sciences Center
Jennifer Lim, Project ECHO
Norma Lira-Perez, American Studies
Ana Parra Lombard, Mathematics and Statistics *
Ernesto Longa, School of Law
Jessica Lopez, Chicana/o Studies
Maria E. Lopez, Social Work
Nancy Lopez, Sociology
Nicole Lovato, A&S Advisement *
Jennifer Lucero, College of Fine Arts *
Kelli Lyckë, English
Teresa Madrid, School of Medicine *
Valerie Maestas, A&S Advisement *
Uahikea Maile, American Studies
Jorge Makaight, Libraries and Learning Sciences
Carli Maldonado, Career Sevices *
Majid Malharbi, Libraries and Learning Sciences
Patrick Manning, Art
Annette Mares-Duran, Global Education Office *
Andrea Marquez, Student Activities Center *
Greg Martin, English, BA/MD Program *
Rebecca Martinez, Spanish and Portuguese
Shawnee Martinez, BA/MD Program *
Diana Martinez, School of Medicine *
Gregory Martinez Luna, Anderson School of Management *
Diana Martinez-Campos, El Centro de la Raza
Brynn McCabe-Kelly, BA/MD Program *
Rebecca McCain, School of Medicine
William McClary, A&S Advisement *
Karen McGillvray, BA/MD Program *
Stevee McIntyre, School of Medicine *
James McKinnell, University College *
Olivia McLendon, A&S Advisement *
Emily McRae, Philosophy
Kate Mendell, Residence Life & Student Housing
Alejandro Mendiaz-Rivera, El Centro de la Raza *
Rick Meyer, Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies Program
Claudia Miller, Planning and Campus Development
Kelsey Milo, Anderson School of Management
Ana Alonso Minutti, Music
Erika Monahan, History
Erika Monahan Monahan, History
Rudy Montoya, Student Activities Center *
Jennifer Moore, School of Law *
Octavio Munoz, School of Medicine *
Ann Murphy, Philosophy
Meg Myers, Global Education Office
Vannessa Nau, Foreign Languages and Literature
Krista D. Navarrette, A&S Advisement *
Teresa Neely, Libraries and Learning Sciences
Stephonáe Nelson, A&S Advisement
Kelly Neuschwanger, A&S Advisement *
Debra Nieto, Spanish and Portuguese
Ann Nihlen, Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies
Daniel Noreiga-Lucero, A&S Advisement *
Farah Nousheen, A&S Advisement *
Karola Obermueller, Music
Ivan Olay, El Centro de la Raza *
Colin Olson, Sociology
Keelan O’Riley, A&S Advisement *
Amie Ortiz, Financial Systems Management
Miquela Ortiz Upston, A&S Advisement *
Sara Otto-Piniz, Museum Studies
Angela Pacheco, Architecture and Planning *
Nicholas Padilla, A&S Advisement *
Danna Padilla, Residence Life & Student Housing
Chuck Paine, English
David Pallozzi, School of Law *
Kelley Parker, Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center *
Letha Parrot, Residence Life & Student Housing
Karla Paul, Accessiblity Resource Center
Jennifer Payne, Special Programs *
Wendy Pedersen, University Libraries *
Ragina Pena, A&S Advisement *
Cynthia Perez-Chavez, Employee & Organizational Development
Rachel Perovich, College of Fine Arts *
Hayley Peterson, English
Keira Philipp-Schnurer, Latin American & Iberian Institute *
KymberIy Pinder, Art
Rebecca Prinster, Anthropology
Mia Angélica Sosa-Provencio, Education
David Puthoff, English *
Renee Quinn, School of Medicine *
Traci Quinn, Art Museum *
Eden Radfarr, Art
Antoinette Marie Rael, Chicana/o Studies *
Desirae Ramirez, School of Law *
Adriana Ramírez de Arellano, Art
Arianna Redondo, Residence Life & Student Housing
Emily Reiff, English
Bonnie Leigh Reifsteck, Policy Office
Angel Ramiro Resendiz, A&S Advisement *
Manuel Rettinger, Music
Clayton Richards, Financial Aid Office *
Andres Rigg, Anderson School of Management
Rick Robb, English
Erika Robers, Community and Regional Planning
Mateo Rocha, Spanish and Portuguese *
Barbara Rodriguez, Speech and Hearing *
Natalie Rogers, Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
Kristen Roles, Art *
Ricardo Romero, McNair and Research Opportunity Program *
Valerie Romero-Leggott, School of Medicine *
Shirley Rosales, Financial Aid Office *
Angie Rudy, Tamarind
Todd Ruecker, English *
Yudith Ruiz, El Centro de la Raza *
Michael Ryan, History
Edward Salazar, School of Medicine *
Quiana Salazar-King, School of Law *
Rose Samudio, College of Pharmacy *
Rebecca Sanchez, Education
Marlene Sanchez, University College Advisement Center *
Stephanie M. Sanchez, Graduate Resource Center-Center for Teaching & Learning
Ana Sanchez-Riddle, El Centro de la Raza
Monika Sankaz, Anderson School of Management
Moises Santos, History, Chicana/o Studies
Scott Sawyer, A&S Advisement *
Suzanne Schadl, Organization, Information and Learning Sciences *
Keira Schnurer, Latin American & Iberian Institute *
Rebecca Schreiber, American Studies *
Sandra Sedillo, School of Medicine
Jennifer Serrano, A&S Advisement *
Chritine Shell, American Studies
Naomi Shin, Spanish and Portuguese
Samuel Shoemaker-Trejo, Honors College
James Simermeyer, School of Law *
Lindsay Smith, Geography and Environmental Studies
Cassie Smith, Anthropology
Kevin Smith, STEM Up *
Megan Lynn Speck, College of Pharmacy
Taylor Spence, History
Christine Sraha, University Libraries
Sarah Steadman, School of Law
Brooke Steiger, Art
Lisa Cacari Stone, College of Population Health
Brandi Stone, African American Student Services
Kathryn Stuart, School of Medicine
Maren Svare, Maxwell Museum
Vanessa Svihla, Organization, Information and Learning Sciences
Brittany Tabor, Gallup Branch *
Valerie A. Tafoya, A&S Advisement *
Erneste Tafoya, School of Law
Nelle Tankus, Theater and Dance *
Ashley Taylor, Anderson School of Management *
Tommi Tejeda, Accessibility Resource Center
Sraha Thomas, School of Medicine *
Naima Yael Tokunow, University Communications *
Diane Torres-Vealsquez, Education
Natalia Toscono, American Studies
Sarah Townsend, English
Lori Townsend, Libraries and Learning Sciences *
Anna Karen Trillo, Dean of Students *
Mary Tsiongas, Art
Jennifer Tucker, Community and Regional Planning *
Kersti Tyson, Education
Miquela Ortiz Upston, A&S Advisement *
Melissa Vargas, Provost Office *
Mario Vega, College of Education *
Camille Velarde, Communication and Journalism
Allen Vietch, School of Medicine
Teresa A. Vigil, School of Medicine
Cliff Villa, School of Law
Alexandra Villegas, College of Population Health, Latin American and Iberian Studies
Virginia Villegas, School of Law
Belinda Doreen Wallace, English
Myra Washington, Communication and Journalism
Lydia Wassan, English
Breeanna Watral, English
Erin Weddington, College Enrichment & Outreach Programs
Nora Wendl, Architecture
Janet Werner, School of Medicine *
Owen Whooley, Sociology
Kathryn Wichelns, English
Jason Wilby, Foreign Languages and Literature
Frances Wilkinson, Organization, Information and Learning Sciences *
Katt Williams, Anderson School of Management
Douglas Williams, Engineering Student Services *
Tamara Williams, School of Law
Chrysta Carson Wilson, English
Damián Wilson, Spanish and Portuguese
Amanda Wolfe, Latin American & Iberian Institute
Carolyn Woodward, English
Sarah Worland, English
Crystal Zanders, English
Tina Zuniga, College Enrichment & Outreach Programs *