Sanctuary Campus Working Group Mission:

We are a coalition of faculty, staff, students, and activists in Albuquerque who advocate for the dignity, justice, safety, and support of all undocumented community members, and focus on the creation of an intersectional, coalitional UNM campus that is a welcoming and equitable educational environment for undocumented and (im)migrant students.

Our History:

A coalition of students, faculty, and staff came together in the Fall of 2016 in response to the increasing threats against (im)migrant communities. While we originally focused on designating UNM as a Sanctuary Campus, we have widened our goals in order to work towards the safety of undocumented students through a large variety of tactics, such as university-wide policy changes as well departmental organizing to affect a culture shift. Our organizing is informed by undocumented and (im)migrant students, staff, and faculty.


Education—All people deserve the right to an education and to fully explore their creative and intellectual worlds.

Safety—A life without fear from all levels of violence is essential for all. Everyone should be free of harassment, discrimination, and stigmatization.

Mobility—All people should have the fullest freedom of movement and mobility without the constraints of borders.

Intersectional Coalitions—We are stronger together, and fight for the inclusion, safety, and sustenance of all parts of our vulnerable selves.

Transformational PoliticsIn order to achieve our goals, we work towards the transformation of the very hierarchies and systems of oppression that harm marginalized, undocumented communities.

UNM Faculty & Instructors stand in solidarity with undocumented students & community members by pushing to make UNM a Sanctuary Campus.  If you would like to receive updates from UNM Sanctuary Campus and events and information, please follow complete this form with your information.